Help us raise £100,000 to build our own veterinary clinic

Why do we need a veterinary centre?

Our charity accepts every dog that needs us, no matter their condition. We are trusted by nine local authorities to receive strays which means that more than half of the dogs are malnourished or have suffered some form of neglect or abuse including multiple injuries or untreated medical conditions.

This means that our veterinary costs have been increasing year on year which has led us to make one of the most important decisions in our charity’s history and build our own veterinary clinic.

Why we need your supawt

We care for over 2,000 dogs and last year we spent over £230,000 on essential medical care. This level of veterinary costs in not sustainable for our charity. We do not receive any government funding and are entirely reliant on the generosity of our supporters and the local community to be here to care for the dogs that need us.

By running our own veterinary clinic we will be able to significantly reduce the costs of essential medical care and better manage both emergency cases and the ongoing physical health of dogs on their road to recovery.

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