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Dog Insurance

A responsible dog owner doesn’t wait until their pet becomes ill before registering with a vet. Animals need annual vaccinations, and a trip to the vet to get boosters done also offers a good opportunity for a complete health check. 

Pet insurance is an important consideration. It will guard against unexpected veterinary fees and allow you to provide the best health care for your pet. There are a number of pet insurance policies to choose from. All animals from Birmingham Dogs Home will have four weeks’ free insurance from Petplan. Ensure the policy includes third party liability to cover you should your pet cause an accident.

Dog Health

Unless your pet arrived with a record of prior vaccinations it will have received at least one vaccination while at Birmingham Dogs Home and should also be up to date on its worm treatment. 

Flea and worm treatments should be repeated regularly to ensure parasites are controlled and the animal’s health is maintained. Regular grooming keeps coats clean and healthy and is essential for long-haired pets. Neutering not only prevents unwanted litters but can also prevent tumours and other health problems. In male dogs it can also help curb straying or aggression. You will receive a discounted neutering voucher from Birmingham Dogs Home to use at one of our in-house vets practices’.

Dog Behaviour

Both you and your dog will be happier if he is socialised with people and other animals, and is easy to control. Dog training classes allow your dog to meet others in a controlled environment, and enable you to learn correct handling techniques. This will strengthen the bond between you. Socialising from an early age will help prevent behavioural problems.

Regular walks provide your dog with a change of scene and the chance to meet other dogs. Remember, your dog needs a social life, too. Don’t encourage your dog to chase cats or other small animals. Please see our factsheets for further advice.

Dog Breeds

Different breeds of dogs tend to have their own characteristics, nutritional needs, exercise needs, medical pre-dispositions and personalities! For example, Bulldogs have a reputation as being friendly, loyal and a bit stubborn! Bulldogs can also develop breathing conditions and skin conditions. Spaniels are full of energy and love exercise and companionship. They can often experience ear problems. 

Our team are able to provide advice and guidance for each individual dog to help you to make your decision. Mixed breeds are of course completely unique. They tend to have fewer genetic conditions and typically live longer. Certain pure breed characteristics such as hunting, or herding may be weaker so mixed breed dogs may be more suited to being companions than working dogs. We normally have more mixed or cross breeds than pure pedigrees here at Birmingham Dogs Home.

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